2024 BMW i4 eDrive40, Specs, Review, Interior

2024 BMW i4 eDrive40, Specs, Review, InteriorThe BMW i4 car is an essential component of the company’s growing EV lineup. With a battery powertrain and extremely smooth driving characteristics, it delivers the styling of the 4-series Grand Coupe. Two unique i4 varieties exist: The first, the single-motor rear-drive eDrive40, is as gentle as they get with 335 horsepower. It has a range of 300 miles, according to the EPA. In the fiery, all-wheel-drive, 536-hp i4 M50, the distance shrinks to 245 miles. It is massive praise that the latter drives like an M3 with more excellent handling.

Compared to an M3 Competition, the M50 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.3 seconds and from 50 – 70 mph in just 2.0 seconds, beating the Bimmer by 0.7 seconds. The i4 is a superb daily driver when not engaged in ab-toning acceleration sessions. It’s a fun and stylish sedan that rides smoothly and handles like a sports car, but the steering doesn’t feel as good as other M cars.

2024 BMW i4

2024 BMW i4

2024 BMW i4 Redesign

Given that it shares the same body and dimensions as the 4 Series Gran Coupe, the BMW i4’s design doesn’t deviate from the norm and doesn’t overtly proclaim its electric prowess. A four-door coupe style with a liftback trunk is referred to as a “Gran Coupe” in the BMW lexicon. Blue highlights on the model-specific grille, around the BMW emblem, along the rocker panels, and on the rear bumper distinguish the primary i4 from the 4 Series. Speaking of the grille, there is no engine to cool, so it is unnecessary, but BMW claims it wanted the i4 to keep a recognizable family look. 19-inch wheels are an option in addition to the standard 18-inch wheels.

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One of the intriguing hues BMW will offer is the Frozen Portimao Blue metallic, also available on the M3 and M4. It is the color of our test vehicle. With Cerium Grey exterior elements, gloss black bumpers, blue brake calipers, 19-inch wheels (with optional 20s), an M-specific spoiler, and abundant M badging, the sportier M50 model stands out from the competition. You will appreciate the i4 if you like how the current BMW 4 Series is styled.

2024 BMW i4 interior

2024 BMW i4 interior


The curved infotainment display and digital instrument cluster are examples of how efficient technology can be in an EV. Given that the DSC currently reacts ten times quicker than in cars with combustion engines, it will be fascinating to observe how BMW implements its information and infotainment systems in the final 2024 i4 production model. According to rumors, the i4 will include switchable regenerative braking modes that let the driver choose between one-pedal and more traditional braking-intensive driving.

The BMW i4 is constructed on the same 3-Series chassis as the 4-Series. This implies that the premium EV will have equivalent interior space to the tiny luxury vehicle it sells concurrently. However, this is just conjecture, and we won’t be able to validate or refute the claim that the BMW i4 is more significant than the Model S. Given that the Porsche Taycan’s interior is tight, we can be sure that the BMW i4 will be more helpful.

2024 BMW i4 price

2024 BMW i4 price


In theory, nothing. The eDrive40 variation only has one electric motor at the back, driving the rear wheels, even though the base is designed for a front-engine arrangement. A second electric motor drives the front wheels on the more powerful M50. These electric motor configurations each produce 335 and 536 horsepower. In EVs, the maximum torque is accessible immediately, so the 0 to 60 times are incredibly swift.

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The road-focused version, the eDrive40, can accelerate from a stop to 60 mph in only 5.7 seconds. Another electric motor gives the M50 model a faster engine, cutting its 0 to 60 time to only 3.7 seconds. However, this speedier powertrain comes at the expense of the maximum range, which drops from 300 miles in the eDrive40 to 240 miles in the M50. These numbers aren’t all that impressive when compared to the Tesla Model S, but erratic consumption and accompanying heating problems are the EV technology’s inherent drawbacks. BMW will have handled this the same way Porsche did when they released the Taycan, an electric vehicle with track capabilities.

2024 BMW i4 pricing and release date

BMW hasn’t offered a configurator with a complete cost breakdown, but the i4’s starting MSRP is rather attractive. Before federal tax credits and incentives, the basic eDrive40 costs $55,400 plus a $995 destination fee. The starting price of a similar Model 3 Standard Range Plus is $43,490, but it is no longer eligible for tax credits. It’s essential to maintain in mind that this model won’t be accessible until mid-2023.

The i4 M50 is less expensive than the less potent M4, with a starting price of $65,900. Even with the tax credit, this price is not far from the $57,990 beginning price of the Model 3 Performance, despite BMW’s extensive list of options.