2024 BMW i4 EV Colors, Interior, Release Date

2024 BMW i4 EV Colors, Interior, Release DateBMW’s electric vehicle (EV) lineup is growing, and the all-electric i4 car is a crucial component. It has a battery powertrain and very tuned driving characteristics, and it’s styled like a BMW 4-series Grand Coupe. Two types of i4 are available: The first is the mildest of the bunch, a single-motor, rear-drive eDrive40 that pumps out 335 horsepower. According to the EPA, it has a range of 300 miles. In the hot, all-wheel-drive, 536-horsepower i4 M50, that number decreases to 245. It would be a huge compliment to say that the second one handles like an M3 with better suspension.

In only 3.3 seconds, the M50 reaches 60 miles per hour, which is 0.2 seconds faster than an M3 Competition, and it can accelerate from 50 to 70 miles per hour in just 2.0 seconds, which is 0.7 seconds more quickly than the Bimmer. When you’re not using the i4 for ab-toning acceleration runs, it makes for an acceptable daily car. However, it is a thrilling and sophisticated sedan with a smooth ride and genuinely rewarding sports-sedan handling, but it lacks the steering feel we prefer in previous M vehicles.

2024 BMW i4 EV

2024 BMW i4 EV

2024 BMW i4 EV Redesign

For BMW, a “Gran Coupe” refers to a four-door coupe with a liftback trunk. Its form and dimensions are similar to those of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, so the BMW i4’s design doesn’t do much to distinguish itself as an electric vehicle. Blue highlights on the model-specific grille, around the BMW emblem, around the rocker panels, and on the rear bumper set the i4 apart from the 4 Series. BMW claims it was added to the i4 to keep it consistent with the rest of the family. The usual size of the wheels is 18 inches, and you may upgrade to 19 inches if you like.

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BMW will provide a variety of intriguing paint jobs, but the Frozen Portimao Blue metallic that adorned our review vehicle will also be offered on the M3 and M4. Cerium Grey highlights, gloss black bumpers, blue brake calipers, 19-inch wheels (with 20s optional), an M-specific spoiler, and plenty of M badging set apart the sportier M50 variant. If you like the look of the current BMW 4 Series, you will appreciate the i4.

2024 BMW i4 EV interior

2024 BMW i4 EV interior


Indicators of how innovative EV technology may include a digital instrument cluster and a curved infotainment display. It would be fascinating to watch what BMW does with its information and entertainment systems in the final production-spec 2022 i4, given that the DSC now responds ten times quicker than combustion engine-powered vehicles. Some people have thought that the i4 would have different regenerative braking modes that let the driver switch between everyday driving with a lot of braking and “one-pedal” driving.

The foundation of the BMW i4 is the same as that of the BMW 3-Series and 4-Series. This indicates the premium EV will have the same amount of inside space as the tiny luxury car it markets simultaneously. Since the Porsche Taycan’s cabin is so small, it seems likely that the BMW i4 has more area that can be used. But this is just conjecture; we won’t know if the BMW i4 is roomier than the Tesla Model S until we test drive one.

2024 BMW i4 EV Release Date

2024 BMW i4 EV Release Date


No matter what the numbers say. Electric vehicles have lightning-fast 0-60 times because they can use their full torque immediately. However, the eDrive40 Model uses a single electric motor mounted in the trunk to power the rear wheels, despite the platform being more suited to a front-engine arrangement. The M50, with its increased strength, also uses an electric motor to drive the front wheels. The combined output of these electric motor systems is 335 to 536 horsepower.

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Like Porsche with the Taycan, BMW will offer a track-ready electric vehicle. The eDrive40 Model, explicitly designed for the road, can reach 60 mph from a standstill in only 5.7 seconds. The M50 Model’s maximum range drops from 300 miles in the eDrive40 to 240 miles in the M50 due to the vehicle’s more powerful engine, which is powered by a second electric motor. Indeed, these numbers aren’t impressive compared to the Tesla Model S, but the Model S benefits from Tesla’s continued usage and the Model 3’s variable use and accompanying heating difficulties.

2024 BMW i4 EV Release Date and Price

BMW has not supplied a configurator with pricing information, but the base MSRP for the i4 is attractive. Including the $995 destination charge, the introductory price of an eDrive40 is $55,400 (before any federal tax credits and incentives). Tax credits are no longer available for the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which begins at $43,490. This Model won’t be released until about the middle of 2024, so plan accordingly.

The base cost of the i4 M50 is $65,900, making it less expensive than the M4. With BMW’s long list of add-ons, the cost would usually go up a lot, but after the rebate, it’s not too far from the Model 3 Performance’s starting price of $57,990.