2024 BMW M5 Competition Sports CS Specs, Colors

2024 BMW M5 Competition Sports CS Specs, ColorsWith an increase in performance above the standard 5-series, the 2024 BMW M5 maintains its segment-leading position. In 2024, however, BMW will offer a new M5 Competition Sport (CS) model that is 230 pounds lighter than the standard M5 and produces 627 horsepower from its twin-turbo V8. The 2024 M5 begins at an MSRP of $103,700 at most BMW dealerships, with the M5 CS costing an MSRP of $142,000.

BMW didn’t see any need to upgrade the M5 for the upcoming year because it was just redesigned for 2018. But the new M5 CS, the quickest street-legal M5, is this year’s primary topic of conversation. The M5 CS has bronze-colored 20-inch wheels that turn heads, and inside are bolstered M carbon-fiber front seats and rear bucket seats that are just as impressive. Among other things, this explains the $39,000 price increase. The M5 has two distinct personalities since it can also function as a high-end family car. A standard M5 still packs a punch while maintaining a low profile.

2024 BMW M5

2024 BMW M5

2024 BMW M5 Redesign

The M5 CS features several new additions to set it apart from the standard M5 and the latest design enhancements made to the regular 5 Series. Its design isn’t flashy, but it’s less divisive than that of other new BMWs, which is good news for us. The CS’s iconic grille is finished in Gold Bronze. M light-alloy wheels of the same size and finish, Gold Bronze, round out the package. M carbon-ceramic brakes stop the vehicle at each wheel. To save weight, carbon fiber strengthened plastic is used for the roof, hood, and mirror covers to keep weight. Large quad tailpipes and an M carbon rear spoiler can be seen at the back. The L-shaped light tubes provide a yellowish light, and the adaptive headlights come standard. It’s a stylish sedan that subtly hints at its more powerful performance.

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The BMW M5 CS comes in a standard metallic Brands Hatch Grey paint job. Choose two colors from BMW Individual: Frozen Brands Hatch Grey metallic and Frozen Deep Green metallic. These unique hues set the CS apart from the standard M5, which is available in classic colors like black and white and costs an additional $5,000 each. Brake calipers with a gold paint job are available at no extra cost to add a flash of luxury to your ride.

2024 BMW M5 interior

2024 BMW M5 interior


While the 2024 BMW M5’s performance may rival a true supercar, it is still a plush and relaxing sedan. The M5’s luxurious leather inside is second only to that of the top-of-the-line seven series. The dashboard and cabin design have remained essentially unchanged. The front bucket chairs are well-padded and supportive. We gave it M Color seat belts to make the M Competition model stand out.

The seats are heated and power-adjustable in 20 different ways. The simple-looking leather three-spoke steering wheel may be adjusted electrically. There’s plenty of space in the back, and you can even have heated seats. Both rows of seats offer plenty of room for passengers. The back seats provide plenty of space for five adults to ride comfortably. BMW also unveils the M5 CS, a market newcomer with several noteworthy interior features. These include M carbon-fiber front seats and rear bucket seats.

2024 BMW M5 price

2024 BMW M5 price


The M5 is a formidable machine, with a standard twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 producing 600 horsepower. It rises to 617 and 627 horses in the Competition and CS variants, which are optimized for the racetrack. Although we haven’t yet been behind the wheel of the CS, we have already attached our testing equipment to the standard M5 and the Competition variant. Both lived up to our high standards, exceeding them in acceleration, cornering, and stopping power. Similarly, at the 2019 Lightning Lap competition held at Virginia International Raceway’s Grand Course, the competition outpaced a standard M5 by a significant margin.

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The M5 faithful will be disappointed by the absence of a manual transmission and the unfamiliarity of all-wheel drive, but rest assured. This BMW features a cutting-edge motor that can direct all its torque to the rear wheels for a wagging back end. The responsive steering and well-controlled, if firm, ride make for a fun driving experience. But that doesn’t preclude the M5 from being a first-rate luxury vehicle. When set to Comfort mode, the car travels at a relaxed pace while maintaining a calm interior. The current M5 has a combined EPA rating of 21 mpg, with an impressive rating of 15 mpg in the city. Both numbers are lower than what you’d get from a Mercedes-AMG E63 S sedan (16 mpg city and 23 mpg highway). As part of our comprehensive testing, we drove the M5 Comp along our 75 mph highway fuel economy route. By three mpg, it beat the EPA’s estimate. Read the M5’s gas mileage stats on the EPA’s website.

2024 BMW M5 Release Date and Price

The MSRP of the BMW M5 in the US is $142,000. The $995 destination fee is not included in the MSRP shown. It’s a significant increase above the starting price of the M5, which is $103,500, before adding the $7,600 Competition option. The Mercedes-AMG E63 S is also more reasonable, with a base price of $107,500 for the 2024 model year. The 2024 BMW M5 will debut in the United States sometime in the summer.