2024 BMW X2 Specs, Colors, Price

2024 BMW X2 Specs, Colors, PriceOnce again, the BMW X2 demonstrates that utility can be packaged in a way that appeals to consumers’ aesthetic sensibilities through its status as a sleek crossover. The X2 portfolio has enough diversity to appeal to customers with different preferences, with a standard model that produces 228 horsepower and a performance variant with 301 horsepower called the M35i. Both trim levels provide a satisfying driving experience, but despite being lighter and quicker than the BMW X1, this crossover is still not a hot hatch. Two years on the market have proven the X2 to be an attractive alternative to the more basic X1. However, it faces stiff competition from the likes of the Volvo XC40 and Range Rover Evoque, thanks to its increased emphasis on aesthetics.

BMW’s X2 sDrive28i and xDrive28i cars now come standard with a Coldplay trim level for 2023. The exterior of this limited-edition model differs most noticeably from the traditional model because of the M Sport Package, which includes a sport-tuned suspension with a lower ride height and a revised steering system. Compared to standard X2s, GoldPlay editions stand out with a more menacing front fascia and shiny gold exterior trim. Choose San Remo Green, Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Storm Bay, or Skyscraper Grey for your X2 Coldplay.

2024 BMW X2

2024 BMW X2

2024 BMW X2 Redesign

The X2’s appealing crossover status remained unaltered despite minor styling updates made for the 2017 model year. These included a new front bumper and updated headlights. In front, enormous kidney grilles are framed by thin, upturned LED headlights, while in the back, narrow, vertical LED lights dominate the design. Out of the rear diffuser protrude a pair of chrome exhaust tips; however, those on the M35i are significantly larger to complement the car’s more aggressive design. The standard equipment on higher trim levels includes 19-inch M wheels, while the base model rides on 18-inch wheels. The M35i comes with a special M Sport body package and several other standard M Sport features.

Compared to the Volvo XC40, the 2024 BMW X2’s dimensions are substantially smaller. The length of the BMW is 172.2 inches, and its width is 71.8 inches. A height of only 60.1% ensures it sits lower than rivals, further emphasizing its sporty looks. The sDrive28i is the lightest option in this lineup, with a curb weight of 3,519 pounds, while the M35i is the heaviest at 3,743 pounds.

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The exterior of your BMW can be any of 12 colors, while some are reserved for specific models. The M35i is limited to only Alpine White, while the 28i can be available in Alpine White or Jet Black at no extra cost. Elegant options, including Black Sapphire, Glacier Silver, Mineral White, Mineral Grey, and the all-new 2024 Brooklyn Grey, can be had in the $550 metallic paint job for the 28i models. The cost of purchasing a Storm Bay Metallic finish is $1,200. Phytonic Blue, Galvanic Gold, and Sunset Orange all cost $550 and should do the trick for individuals who choose to live on the daring side of life. Finally, the M Sport X Package is required for the $550 Misano Blue Metallic finish. The M35i is no longer available in Phytonic Blue, Glacier Silver, Mineral White, or Brooklyn Grey. However, Misano Blue is still known as a separate option.

2024 BMW X2 Interior

2024 BMW X2 Interior


The 2024 BMW X2 interior is well-designed and constructed, although it lacks the flair of the vehicle’s exterior. All of the X2’s controls are conveniently located within easy reach of the driver in a comfortable seating position. Though rear-seat passengers may experience discomfort due to limited headroom, overall passenger space is adequate. BMW provides both synthetic and natural leather in a range of hues. The X2 isn’t as functional as the squared-off X1 due to its curvier rear end, but it’s on par with competitors with sloped rooflines. We were able to store 15 bags while the bench was folded down, but just seven would fit in the X1.

A standard 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with built-in navigation powered by BMW’s slick iDrive software. If you prefer not to use a touchscreen, BMW also includes a knob to operate the infotainment system in the center console. In the Premium variant, a heads-up display is included. The integration of Apple CarPlay is standard; however, Android Auto is not. The traditional seven-speaker audio system will do for casual listeners, but audiophiles can upgrade to a Harman/Kardon premium sound system for a hefty sum.

2024 BMW X2 Engine

2024 BMW X2 Engine


BMW identifies this vehicle as the sDrive28i. The 2024 BMW X2 is similar to the X1 because the two models use the same base drivetrain. It has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 228 horsepower, an eight-speed automated gearbox, and front-wheel drive. The xDrive28i costs $2,000 extra if you want all-wheel drive. The standard motor is a real gentleman: it revs eagerly, idles smoothly, and has enough guts to get the job done. With an excellent 6.4-second sprint to 60 mph on our test track, the X2 xDrive28i was slightly slower than the X1 xDrive28i and Volvo XC40 T5.

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The Mercedes-Benz GLA250 is even quicker, reaching 60 miles per hour in 5.8 seconds. If you find it too slow, the M35i could be what you’re looking for. BMW boosted the power of the engine of this high-performance X2 to 302 horsepower. That’s fast enough to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds. Even with the standard suspension, the X2’s ride is rough. Rough roads will cause passengers to feel every bump. The trade-off is extreme nimbleness. It’s a blast to throw the X2 into sharp turns, and it always responds predictably, which is a huge plus.

The BMW X2’s excellent gas mileage is evidence that even premium car manufacturers are now considering the environmental impact of their SUVs. The EPA predicts city/highway/combined fuel economy for the sDrive28i to be 24/32/27 mpg and for the xDrive to be 31 mpg. The M35i’s EPA estimations are 23/30/26 mpg, which is impressive compared to the less-power variants. The sDrive28i provides about 435 miles on a full fuel tank, while the M35i offers just under 420 miles.

2024 BMW X2 Release Date

2024 BMW X2 Relelase Date

2024 BMW X2 Release Date and Price

The lowest-priced 2024 BMW X2 model, the sDrive28i, has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $36,600. This is higher than the entry-level Volvo XC40 but less than the Evoque. The mid-level trim is not significantly more expensive than the base model, which makes sense given that it is mechanically identical to the base model save for adding all-wheel drive. The base price of an xDrive28i is $38,600. Although the M35i trim of the BMW X2 costs $46,450, which is quite pricey, it is still around $8,000 less than the most expensive Evoque. BMW’s $995 destination charge is not included in this pricing. BMW’s resurrected X2 will debut as a brand-new vehicle in June 2023.

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