BMW i4 2024 Specs, Redesign, Price

BMW i4 2024 Specs, Redesign, PriceBMW’s i4 all-electric sedan is critical to the company’s growing lineup of electric vehicles. It looks like a 4-series Grand Coupe but runs on batteries and drives with exceptional refinement. Regarding the i4, you can choose between two distinct varieties: The first is the mildest option; the single-motor, rear-drive eDrive40 generates 335 horsepower. The EPA estimates that its range will be 300 miles. For the hot, all-wheel-drive i4 M50 with 536 horsepower, that number drops to 245 miles. The latter is comparable to the handling and ride quality of an M3, which is high praise. The M50 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds, which is 0.2 seconds faster than the BMW M3 Competition, and from 50 to 70 mph in 2.0 seconds, 0.7 seconds more quickly than the Bimmer. The i4 is an excellent everyday vehicle and a tremendous ab-toning exercise machine. Even if it lacks the responsive steering of other M vehicles, the 3 Series is a thrilling and elegant sedan with a comfortable ride and genuinely rewarding sports sedan handling.

The BMW i4 was released in 2019, so only minimal updates were made for the model’s second year. With its smaller 66.0-kWh battery pack, the new eDrive35 entry-level model claims a range of 260 miles. BMW i4 M50s can be personalized with commemorative M 50 Years badges. The Premium package does not include the Iconic Sounds Electric upgrade, which lets you play different synthetic sounds via the car’s speakers in time with the vehicle’s acceleration. All-season tires mounted on 18-inch M Bi-color Midnight Grey wheels are no longer available.

We recommend the M50 over the less costly but less powerful eDrive35 and eDrive40 models. Including larger 19-inch wheels, the M-badged variant already has a more dominant look. The suspension is wonderfully balanced, allowing for both sporty and relaxed driving. The M variant also features upgraded brakes with blue calipers. While the M50’s estimated driving range drops from 270 miles to 227 miles when equipped with the optional 20-inch rims and larger, stickier tires, we significantly like the former’s aesthetic. Adaptive LED headlights, ventilated front seats, a Harman Kardon sound system, wireless charging, and lumbar support are just some of the options we’d add to the inside, along with Vernasca leather, the Premium package, and the heated steering wheel and seats.

BMW i4 2024

BMW i4 2024

BMW i4 2024 Redesign

We think the new BMW i4 liftback sedan is beautiful, especially compared to the i3, which looks like a squished chicken nugget. The large grille up front is still divisive, but it seems less divisive than it did when the current 4 Series debuted. The i4 eDrive35 has 17-inch wheels, while the eDrive40 has 18-inch Aero Gunmetal Grey wheels with performance run-flat tires. The M50’s high-performance parts include 19-inch M double-spoke bi-color black wheels, Shadowline accents, and an aerodynamic kit. There currently needs to be more information regarding the eDrive35, but each variant has a two-way power glass sunroof and LED headlights. The M50 may be outfitted with various add-ons, including commemorative 50th-anniversary emblems, a carbon exterior package, and Icon adaptive LED headlights with laser light.

BMW i4 2024 Redesign

BMW i4 2024 Redesign

The 2024 BMW i4’s measurements are spot on compared to other compact executive cars. As for dimensions, the i4 is 188.5 inches long (almost four inches longer than a Tesla Model 3), 72.9 inches wide, and 57 inches tall. The length of the wheelbase is 112.4 inches. Because it is an electric vehicle, the i4 is, unsurprisingly, somewhat cumbersome. Weights range from 4,665 for the entry-level model to 5,018 for the top-of-the-line M50. To give some perspective, the much larger and more powerful BMW 750i xDrive with its V8 engine is significantly lighter than the M50. The Model 3 and the Polestar 2 weigh much less than the BMW.

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The exterior color palette of the 2024 BMW i4 is quite varied, including several standard options and some bolder tones. You can pick from ten metallic hues and two more non-metallic color choices at no extra cost. There are no costs associated with selecting either Alpine White or Jet Black. Black Sapphire, Mineral White, Sunset Orange, Portimao Blue, San Remo Green, Brooklyn Grey, and Skyscraper Grey are just some of the metallics that may be yours for an extra $650. Dravit Grey Metallic, Tanzanite Blue II Metallic, and Aventurin Red Metallic are all available for $1,500 for your i4. Instead of Jet Black, the M50 comes with Frozen Portimao Blue and Frozen Pure Grey II, each costing $3,600.

BMW i4 2024 interior

BMW i4 2024 Interior


The i4’s cabin is luxuriously finished, with optional rose gold accents, white leather upholstery, and light wood trim. The i4, along with BMW’s first all-electric SUV, the iX, is the first BMW to feature an expansive, seamless display that takes up nearly two-thirds of the dashboard. The i4 features a typical trunk in the back despite its dramatic rear roofline that mimics a coupe’s look.

The BMW i4 is among the automaker’s first models to include the latest version of the company’s infotainment system and connection options. The iDrive eight systems are controlled by a 14.9-inch touchscreen in the center of a massive curving display that houses a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. The system includes a rotary controller located in the middle console, which may be used to access its many capabilities and advanced voice commands. Such features include the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration systems and a Wi-Fi hotspot.


The BMW i4 2024 electrical output can power a single or dual electric motor. There are two different single-motor rear-drive options, the eDrive35 being one of them thanks to its 281-horsepower motor. One single engine mounted on the eDrive40’s rear axle generates 335 horsepower. The M50’s all-wheel drive and 536 horsepower come from twin electric motors mounted on each axle. The rear-wheel-drive i4 rides on standard 18-inch wheels with an available upgrade to 19s. Alternatively, the all-wheel-drive M50 depends on either 19s or 20s and features adjustable dampers and a variable-ratio steering system. The i4 M50 we tried had a solid first burst of acceleration, and despite being significantly heavier than an M3, its lower center of gravity allowed it to move with confidence and poise. At 3.3 seconds, the M50 we tested was faster at 60 mph than a rear-drive M3 Competition.

BMW i4 2024 Engine

BMW i4 2024 Engine

BMW estimates that a fully charged i4 eDrive40, with its single motor in the rear, can travel between 200 and 300 miles. The M50, with its 81.5 kWh battery and dual-motor all-wheel drive, is said to have a maximum range of 245 miles. These i4 vehicles are equipped with a 200-kW charger, which can add 88–108 miles of range in just 10 minutes. The base eDrive35 model’s battery has a net capacity of 66.0 kWh and is rated to provide about 260 miles of range at maximum charging speeds of 180 kW. The i4’s battery can be charged from dead to complete in less than 8 hours utilizing the Level two (up to 11 kW) onboard charger.

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The EPA has ratings for the i4’s fuel economy that you may view for more information. The EPA has rated the eDrive40 with the standard 18-inch wheels as the most fuel-efficient of the i4 models. That specific model was rated at 109 cities MPGe and 108 highway MPGe. The larger 19-inch wheels and the more powerful M50 variant reduce those numbers. An i4 eDrive 40 Gran Coupe we tried had a range of 280 miles, but we have yet to run every i4 through our 75 mph highway route, which is part of our thorough testing regimen, to assess its real-world efficiency. Very close to the EPA’s predicted range, falling short by only two miles.

BMW i4 2024 Price

BMW i4 2024 Price

BMW i4 2024 Release Date and Price

BMW has yet to supply a configurator with pricing information, but the base MSRP for the BMW i4 2024 is attractive. In the United States, the base price of an eDrive40 is $55,400 (before applicable tax credits and incentives) plus a $995 destination charge. Tax credits are no longer available for the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which begins at $43,490. You should also know that you will be able to get your needles on one of these in the middle of 2023.

The base price of the i4 M50 is $65,900, which is lower than the base price of the M4 and makes it the more affordable option. BMW’s extensive list of optional extras would typically drive up the price considerably; yet, when factoring in the tax credit, it’s close to the $57,990 starting price of the Model 3 Performance.


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