New 2024 BMW i4 Electric, Colors, Price, Release Date

New 2024 BMW i4 Electric, Colors, Price, Release DateThe BMW i4, a fully electric sedan, is a crucial component of BMW’s growing electric vehicle (EV) lineup. It looks like a 4-series Grand Coupe but runs on batteries and drives with exceptional refinement. The i4 comes in two separate varieties: The first is the mildest of the bunch, a single-motor, rear-drive eDrive40 with 335 horsepower. The EPA estimates that its range will be 300 miles. With all-wheel drive and 536 horsepower, the i4 M50’s range shrinks to 245. The latter is akin to the M3 in handling and ride quality.

This M sedan is exciting and stylish, with a smooth ride and sports-sedan-like handling, but it doesn’t have the steering feedback we liked in other M cars. The M50 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds, which is 0.2 seconds faster than an M3 Competition, and it can go from 0 to 70 mph in 2.0 seconds, which is 0.7 seconds more quickly than the Bimmer. The i4 is not just a great daily driver but also a superb post-workout vehicle.

New 2024 BMW i4 Electric

New 2024 BMW i4 Electric

New 2024 BMW i4 Electric Redesign

This BMW model is classified as a “Gran Coupe,” which is BMW lingo for a four-door coupe with a liftback trunk. The BMW i4’s design is conventional; it has the same form and proportions as the 4 Series Gran Coupe and doesn’t draw attention to the fact that it’s an electric vehicle. Blue highlights on the model-specific grille, around the BMW emblem, along the rocker panels, and on the rear bumper distinguish the base i4 from the 4 Series. BMW claims it was added to the i4 to keep it consistent with the rest of the family. The usual size of the wheels is 18 inches, and you can upgrade to 19 inches if you want.

The dimensions of the 2024 BMW i4 correspond to those of a compact executive car. The length of the i4 is 188.5 inches (nearly four inches longer than the Tesla Model 3), the width is 72.9 inches, and the height is 57 inches. The wheelbase is 112.4 inches long.
As an electric vehicle, the i4 is inevitably heavy. The base model weighs 4,665 pounds, while the M50 model weighs 5,018 pounds. To put this in perspective, the M50 is more severe than the significantly larger BMW 750i xDrive, powered by a potent V8 engine. The Model 3 and Polestar 2 are both considerably lighter than the BMW.

BMW will offer a variety of appealing hues, but our test vehicle’s Frozen Portimao Blue metallic paint is among the most eye-catching. This color will also be provided on the M3 and M4. Cerium Grey accents, gloss black bumpers, blue brake calipers, 19-inch wheels (with 20s optional), M-specific spoiler, and extensive M badging distinguish the sportier M50 model. If you like the look of the current BMW 4 Series, you will enjoy the i4.

New 2024 BMW i4 Electric Interior

New 2024 BMW i4 Electric Interior


Given that the DSC in the 2024 BMW i4 will be ten times faster than in combustion engine-powered vehicles, it will be fascinating to see how the automaker improves upon its infotainment and communication features. A digital instrument cluster and a curved infotainment display exemplify how EV technology may be simplified. Rumor has it that the i4 will have different settings for its regenerative braking, letting the driver switch between one-pedal driving and driving with a lot of brake pressure.

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The BMW i4 and the 4-Series are based on the same 3-Series platform. According to this data, the luxury EV will simultaneously have the same interior space as its market’s compact luxury sedan. The BMW i4 is likely to be more accommodating than the Porsche Taycan because the Taycan’s cabin is so small. But this is all conjecture, and we won’t know if the BMW i4 is roomier than the Tesla Model S until we get our hands on one.

New 2024 BMW i4 Electric Release Date

New 2024 BMW i4 Electric Release Date


There is, strictly speaking, nothing to it. The eDrive40 variation has a single electric motor mounted in the trunk, driving the rear wheels despite the platform’s suitability for a front-engine layout. An extra electric motor propels the M50’s front wheels, making it the first production vehicle to do so. The combined output of these electric motor systems is 335 to 536 horsepower. Given that electric cars have peak torque available from the get-go, 0-60 times are blisteringly fast.

The eDrive40 road version can reach 60 mph from a standstill in 5.7 seconds. The M50 model’s maximum range drops from 300 miles in the eDrive40 to 240 miles in the M50 due to the vehicle’s more powerful engine, which is powered by a second electric motor. Inconsistent use and the resulting heating concerns are intrinsic limits of EV technology, so these numbers aren’t excellent even when compared to the Tesla Model S. BMW, like Porsche with the Taycan, which will have a track-ready electric vehicle.

New 2024 BMW i4 Electric release date and price

Even though BMW hasn’t made a configurator available, the base price of the i4 is attractive. Including the $995 destination charge, the base price of an eDrive40 is $55,400 (before applicable federal tax credits and incentives). In contrast, the $43,490 base price of the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which is otherwise identical, no longer includes any applicable tax credits. This model won’t be released until about the middle of 2023.

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The base cost of the i4 M50 is $65,900, making it less expensive than the M4. With BMW’s long list of extras, the price would usually go up a lot, but when the tax credit is taken into account, it’s not too far from the Model 3 Performance’s starting price of $57,990.