Next-Gen BMW 5 Series 2024 Price, Available

Next-Gen BMW 5 Series 2024 Price, Available – BMW’s next-generation 5-Series prototype has been sighted once more. Although the new mid-size car is still in the early stages of development, a few elements have already been spotted. The proportions are identical to the beloved E39 years, and the headlights appear thinner than the current version. The headlamps also taper back along with the fenders, significantly more than in previous generations.

BMW has acquired a reputation for producing excellent, practical, and reliable automobiles with a captivating interiors over the years. The BMW 5 Series boasts excellent off-road and towing skills and superior performance. With the rise in demand, luxury sedans are becoming increasingly popular. Many youthful shoppers are drawn to the BMW 5 Series because of its attractive appearance. There aren’t many changes anticipated for the 2024 BMW 5 Series. The 5 Series Sedan, for example, was entirely redesigned in 2024, so no substantial modifications are expected in 2024.

Next-Gen BMW 5 Series 2024

Next-Gen BMW 5 Series 2024

Next-Gen BMW 5 Series 2024 Redesign

The BMW 5 Series gets a significant makeover regarding interior and exterior styling and some sophisticated amenities for the 2024 model year. The styling of the 2024 model is projected to be similar to that of the 2024 model. On the other hand, the LED headlamps will be in two hockey stick shapes that have yet to be confirmed, and the taillights will be LED. The front grille of the 2022 5 Series will also be redesigned. The grille has a reasonably bold appearance, and whether it looks good or not is a matter of personal taste.

In standard form, this German executive car measures 195.8 inches long, 73.5 inches wide, and 58.2 inches tall. The M550i sits slightly lower at 57.8 inches, while the plug-in hybrid version is a little taller at 58.4 inches. With a length of 196 inches, the M550i is also slightly longer, thanks to all the M-themed external flourishes. The wheelbase on all variants is 117.1 inches.

Next-Gen BMW 5 Series 2024 interior

Next-Gen BMW 5 Series 2024 interior


The issue with modern luxury car interiors is that many are beginning to resemble one another. Clean lines and large displays dominate the interiors of modern cars, and the 2024 BMW is no exception: it’s a clinical display of intelligent design, practical ergonomics, and comfort. The area functions effectively, look current and has a refined feel to it, which is what most people will be concerned about at the end of the day. We like the power-adjustable front seats, the considerable interior space, and the high-quality materials. The driver has excellent sight, and the cabin is light and airy. We wish BMW gave its interiors a little more personality because this one isn’t very distinctive.

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The 5 Series has comfortable seating for up to five people, from the base model to the top-of-the-line M550i. Power front sport seats with two-way power side bolster, two-way manual headrests and thigh support, a memory system for the driver’s seat, and external mirror configurations are standard on the base model. Multi-contour front seats with shoulder and thigh support are standard on the M550i.

Next-Gen BMW 5 Series 2024 price

Next-Gen BMW 5 Series 2024 price


The 530i’s base engine is a 248-horsepower four-cylinder that feels nimble and eager, confidently zipping the 5 Series about town and up to highway speeds. It takes six seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. The 530e, which has a plug-in hybrid version of the engine with 288 horsepower, has a similar story. With a 335-horsepower inline-six, the 540i is in the middle of the lineup. The M550i and M5 models are at the top of the line. The M550i has a 523-horsepower V8, whereas the M5 has a more powerful version with 600 to 627 hp. It feels like there’s a lot of muscle there. These cars accelerate quickly, resulting in a growling exhaust soundtrack. It just takes 2.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. Each engine is also equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission that provides quick but smooth changes.

The BMW M5 is undoubtedly one of the sportiest cars in this class. When navigating switchback roads, it seems remarkably agile and planted for a car of its size, and it holds the pavement tenaciously when barreling out of corners. The beauty of the 5 Series lineup is that even entry-level cars are fun to drive. The steering is precise and sensitive, the brakes are powerful, and the suspension masterfully controls body lean at curves while gently absorbing bumps and dips in the road. It’s worth noting that rear-wheel drive is standard on the 530i, 530e, and 540i. The M550i and M5 versions come standard with BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system, which is optional in the other trims.

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Next-Gen BMW 5 Series 2024 Date and Price

The base 530i Sedan will set you back $54,200, while the AWD xDrive variant will set you back $56,500. The 540i xDrive will set you back $62,250, while the six-cylinder 540i will set you back $59,950.

At $55,550, the electrified 530e is not much more expensive than the 530i, and the AWD xDrive variant costs $57,850. The M550i will set you back $76,800 if you want to take advantage of all that V8 power. When you consider that the M5 costs $103,700, that’s still a good deal. These are MSRP costs, which do not include taxes, registration fees, or a $995 destination charge.