The New BMW iX 2024 Redesign, Specs, Release Date

The New BMW iX 2024 Redesign, Specs, Release DateBMW’s electrified future is foreshadowed by the 2024 iX SUV, which provides comparable space and functionality to the brand’s popular X5, but with a futuristic flair. A large digital dashboard shows the future of BMW’s iDrive infotainment system. It is controlled by an excellent see-through rotary knob on the center console of the iX’s spacious interior. Two electric motors provide all-wheel drive and better than adequate power (516 HP in the xDrive50 and 610 HP in the M60), while a large battery pack provides sufficient energy for an evaluated range of over 300 miles per charge. The iX has what it takes to compete with established all-electric competitors such as the Audi e-Tron and the Tesla Model X and should perform admirably against newcomers such as the Fisker Ocean and the Rivian R1S.

In 2024, the high-performance M60 model will be added to the lineup, featuring a 610-hp all-electric powertrain and an estimated 280-mile driving range. It utilizes a suspension system that adapts to sporty driving. In other places, the Convenience, Luxury, and Dynamic Handling packages have been combined into a single Ultimate package with many features.

The New BMW iX 2024

The New BMW iX 2024

The New BMW iX 2024 Redesign

Like the M4, the iX may be challenging to sell to buyers who dislike BMW’s current design direction. Even though the iX does not require a grille to draw in air, BMW wanted the iX to look consistent with the rest of its models, resulting in a massive set of kidneys up front. Instead of serving as an air intake, the kidney grille is an “intelligence panel” that houses cameras, radars, and other sensors. Even though the grille is not our favorite design element, we do not believe that it should detract from the otherwise avant-garde design that propels BMW’s styling forward.

With a wheelbase of 118.1 inches and a length of 195 inches, the iX is roughly the same size as an X5 and nearly the same height as the coupe-like X6. The futuristic exterior has flush electric door handles, black high-gloss trim, and 20-, 21-, or 22-inch wheels with blue brake calipers that can be added as an option.

The New BMW iX 2024 Interior

The New BMW iX 2024 Interior


The Bimmer SUV is roughly the same size as the company’s midsize X5 and X6 crossovers and offers comparable passenger and cargo space. The interior design of the iX is both simple and contemporary, featuring several high-tech elements such as a large curved touchscreen instrument panel and a hexagonal steering wheel. BMW offers as an option a large panoramic sunroof with electrochromic shading, a feature found on a few vehicles. Additionally, the front seats are heated and have integrated speakers for the stereo system in the iX. BMW offers faux-leather and genuine leather upholstery options and a microfiber-based textile seat fabric called Loft.

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BMW’s next-generation infotainment interface, dubbed iDrive 8, will be introduced on the iX crossover and the i4 sedan. The tech-forward dashboard design of the iX is comprised of a large 14.9-inch infotainment display and a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster. In addition to a voice-activated assistant, the software enables the customization of menus and graphics. CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on every BMW, and the company also provides a Wi-Fi hotspot with a 5G cellular connection. A Harman/Kardon stereo system with 18 speakers comes standard, and a Bowers & Wilkins system with 30 speakers can be added for an extra cost.

The New BMW iX 2024 Release DAte

The New BMW iX 2024 Release Date


The iX is available in two distinct configurations; the first is the xDrive50, powered by a pair of electric motors producing 516 horsepower; all-wheel drive is standard. In our testing, the iX xDrive50 reached 60 miles per hour in a mere 4.0 seconds. We estimate that the M60 high-performance model’s 610 horsepower is sufficient to propel the midsize SUV to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds. Adjustable air suspension and rear-wheel steering stand are optional on the entry-level XDrive 50, whereas they are standard on the M60. During our first test drive of an xDrive50 model, we noticed that it had a lot of power, a fuel economy that surprised us, agile handling, and a comfortable ride.

The EPA estimates that the iX’s 105.2 kWh battery pack will provide a driving range of up to 324 miles per charge. We were surprised by the iX’s content during our highway fuel-economy test at 75 mph. Typically, highway driving quickly reduces the overall driving range of an EV, resulting in a fraction of its comprehensive range estimate. However, in our test, the iX recorded a remarkable 290 miles of range. Standard DC fast charging capability allows the iX to recharge from 10% to 80% in 35 minutes when connected to a 200-kW source. BMW has partnered with EVGO to provide a network of public charging stations for iX drivers, but the SUV can also charge via Level 2 home charging stations and other popular networks.

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The New BMW iX 2024 Release Date and Price

BMW has only disclosed pricing for the xDrive50i trim level, which begins at $83,200 (not including the $995 destination charge). This puts it nicely below the Model X’s starting price of $99,990 before factoring in the BMW’s $7,500 federal tax credit, which has expired for the Model X. The Audi e-Tron starts at $65,900 less than the BMW iX but has less standard power and range. The 2024 BMW iX is an all-new model and is anticipated to go on sale in June 2024.


Is 2024 BMW iX a good SUV?

BMW did something here. If you can get past the weird styling, you’ll find the 2024 BMW iX electric vehicle, one of the most suitable luxury SUVs on the market. There are very few marks on its report card. Even though it doesn’t have as much range or speed as its Tesla competitor, the M60 is more affordable than the base Model X, which costs $120,990. It costs a little more than the xDrive50 derivative, but it’s faster and more powerful in exchange. The Tesla is also trounced in perceived build quality, overall refinement, and luxury. At this point, you may gesture toward the Audi e-Tron S. Yes; there’s no refuting Ingolstadt’s riposte is handsome and gifted with a very tasteful interior.

The Audi, however, has one fatal flaw: its range. The 2024 iX rival can only travel 205 miles between charges, which is way after the declared 323-mile range of the 2024 iX. For some, that sole will put the e-Tron S out of opinion. The BMW makes the most sense as a compromise between the Audi and the Tesla Model X. It’s much more than the perfect middle ground, though. If you can get past the divisive watches, go for the new 2024 BMW iX SUV. It rides well, has a nice interior, and is the most fun to drive out of the three. Moreover, if you stick with the base xDrive50, the BMW also offers the most worth for money.

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